"Climate Change Can Be Hazardous To Your Health"

"Extreme weather induced by climate change has dire public health consequences, as heat waves threaten the vulnerable, storm runoff overwhelms city sewage systems and hotter summer days bake more pollution into asthma-inducing smog, scientists say.

The United States - to say nothing of the developed world - is unprepared for such conditions predicted by myriad climate models and already being seen today, warn climate researchers and public health officials.

'Climate change as it's projected will impact almost every aspect of public health, both in the developed world and - more importantly - in the developing world,' said Michael McGeehin, director of the Environmental Hazards and Health Effects division at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

'We know - and we have ample evidence - that heat waves are a public health disaster. That in fact they kill, and they kill the most vulnerable members of our society.'"

Douglas Fischer reports for The Daily Climate July 12, 2010.

"Climate Change Means More Heatwaves, Premature Deaths, Scientists Warn" (ENS)

Source: Daily Climate, 07/13/2010