"Climate Change a Threat To Migratory Birds, Wildlife Group Says"

"Climate change is altering and destroying important habitats that America’s migratory birds depend on, the National Wildlife Federation said Tuesday in a report."

"The environmental organization warns that a warming climate might lead to declines and even extinctions in some bird populations, and it calls on Congress and the president to curb carbon pollution and adopt what it calls 'climate-smart conservation strategies.'

'We need urgent action at the local, state and federal levels to cut carbon pollution and confront the changes we’re already seeing,' said Larry Schweiger, the president and CEO of the National Wildlife Federation.

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Erika Bolstad reports for the McClatchy Washington Bureau June 18, 2013.


"Scarlet Shorebird Serves as Harbinger of Climate Change Between the Poles" (McClatchy)

Source: McClatchy, 06/20/2013