As Climate Changes, Assateague's Caregivers May Give Nature Final Say

"Nature wrought the inlet that separates this narrow strip of dunes and brush from Ocean City just to the north, but humans have sought to control the shifting sands ever since.

If not for routine dredging, the gap cut during a 1933 hurricane might have filled in decades ago. In the meantime, millions of dollars have been spent to move around massive piles of sand on both sides of the inlet. As sand erodes from Ocean City beaches, man-made jetties block it from naturally reaching northern Assateague.

The resort town's leaders must act to protect the business of the beach. Facing higher storm surges and more frequent flooding, they are working to protect property and prepare residents.

But on Assateague, park rangers are ready to give up the fight."

Scott Dance reports for the Baltimore Sun July 2, 2016.

Source: Baltimore Sun, 07/05/2016