"Climate Declaration To Get Global Boost"

"The U.S., European Union and 12 of the world's largest nations plan to embrace 'an aspirational goal' of reducing emissions of global-warming gases by 50% by 2050, according to a draft declaration by world leaders set for release next week in Italy.

The draft, seen by The Wall Street Journal, sets up a framework for detailed negotiations on the issue ahead of a United Nations climate conference in December. But it leaves key areas in the climate-change debate in dispute. The draft is subject to change ahead of a meeting of global leaders starting Wednesday.

The declaration recognizes a 'broad scientific view' that global temperatures shouldn't rise more than two degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels, but doesn't lock in the 'two-degree ceiling' that some nations and environmentalists want. Global temperatures currently are about 0.8 degree Celsius above those levels."

Jonathan Weisman reports for the Wall Street Journal July 3, 2009.

Source: Wall St. Journal, 07/03/2009