"Climate Figures Large in Obama’s FY 2015 Budget"

"WASHINGTON, DC -- President Obama [Tuesday] released a $3.9 trillion budget plan for Fiscal Year 2015 with many green features, including funds for his Climate Action Plan and a new Climate Resiliency Fund."

"President Obama said [Tuesday], “This budget adheres to the spending levels that both parties in both houses of Congress already agreed to. But it also builds on that progress with what we’re calling an Opportunity, Growth and Security Initiative that invests in our economic priorities in a smart way that is fully paid for by making smart spending cuts and closing tax loopholes that right now only benefit the well-off and the well-connected.”

“Our budget is about choices,” Obama said. “It’s about our values. As a country, we’ve got to make a decision if we’re going to protect tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, or if we’re going to make smart investments necessary to create jobs and grow our economy, and expand opportunity for every American.”  "

Environment News Service had the story March 4, 2014.


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Source: ENS, 03/05/2014