"Climate Roadmap: Kerry and Graham Chart a Compromise Course -- Of Sorts"

"So this is what we’ve come to. The big 'breakthrough' on the Senate climate bill comes not when a leading Republican voice actually co-sponsors climate legislation, but when he co-authors an opinion piece explaining how a deal might just be reached.

The NYT op-ed this weekend by senators John Kerry and Lindsey Graham laid out a possible route for a bipartisan deal on energy and the climate. It includes a bigger role for nuclear power, a big push for clean coal, and more offshore oil and gas drilling.

For some commentators, such as Joe Romm, this is what will break the impasse. 'The odds of a Senate climate bill just jumped through the roof,' he wrote. Others, such as Roger Pielke Jr., aren’t so sure that kind of compromise would be much of a victory for Democrats. 'It would be quite a coup, and bizarrely ironic, if Republicans can use the climate bill to ensure a fossil-fueled future for U.S. energy supply,' he wrote."

Keith Johnson reports for the Wall Street Journal October 12, 2009.

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Source: Wall St. Journal, 10/13/2009