"Climate Talks To Begin Grappling With Treaty Text"

"AMSTERDAM -- Climate negotiators reconvene this week to work on the text of a new global warming treaty, now a draft riddled with conflicting options that demonstrate deep divisions on how to tackle climate change.

Delegates from 174 countries and 230 nongovernment interest groups meet from Monday through June 12 in Bonn, Germany, in the second of five negotiating conferences to culminate with a final agreement being adopted in December in Copenhagen, Denmark.

For the first time negotiators will feel the full weight of the United States, which sat on the sidelines during most of the Bush administration's eight years in government. President Barack Obama's delegates, though low keyed at their debut appearance in March, have won an enthusiastic response to their promise to 'make up for lost time.'"

Arthur Max reports for the Associated Press May 30, 2009.

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Source: AP, 06/01/2009