"CN Rail Pleads Guilty for Massive Oil Spills"

"Canadian National Railway pleaded guilty on Monday to polluting Canada's wilderness in two train derailments, one of them resulting in the largest inland oil spill in Canada's history.

To resolve the charges, the company agreed to pay 1.8 million Canadian dollars (1.6 million US) in fines, CN said. Most of the money is to go to support the prevention and remediation of future environmental incidents.

The fines are in addition to almost 140 million dollars (125 million US) spent to remediate the effects of the derailments, restore fish and wildlife habitats and compensate area residents forced to evacuate their homes.

As well, CN is to work with authorities to enhance its emergency reponse plans and help map environmentally sensitive lakes and rivers along its rail lines in western Canada, it said."

AFP had the story May 25, 2009.

Source: AFP, 05/26/2009