"Coal Demand Up Everywhere But In U.S. -- Report"

"The demand for coal will increase in every region of the world through 2017 except in the United States, where low-cost natural gas will continue providing tough competition, the Paris-based International Energy Agency said [Tuesday] morning."

"The IEA's 'Medium-Term Coal Market Report' predicts that coal will come close to overtaking oil as the world's top energy source within the next five years. Analysts said countries, mostly in the developing world, will burn about 1.2 billion more metric tons of coal per year by 2017 than they are today.

In the United States, however, coal demand is expected to fall from 697 million metric tons of coal equivalent (mtce) to 600 mtce, and production will be down from 771 mtce to 697 mtce by 2017, the IEA projected."

Manuel Quinones reports for Greenwire December 18, 2012.


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Source: Greenwire, 12/19/2012