Colorado Doctors Assured They Can Share Fracking Info To Help Patients

"Colorado oil and gas industry regulators have given medical community leaders a written assurance that doctors can obtain and share trade-secret information about fracking chemicals for the purpose of treating patients and protecting public health."

"Colorado Medical Society president Dr. Jan Kief said the letter from Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission chairman Thomas Compton addresses concerns raised by doctors and the medical society who feared that signing a confidentiality pledge kept them from sharing information with other medical professionals.

Doctors still are required to fill out a Form 35 confidentiality pledge before obtaining information on fracking chemicals. In return, they can share information with patients, other health care professionals and with public health agencies, Compton said in his April 9 letter to Kief."

Bruce Finley reports for the Denver Post June 30, 2013.

Source: Denver Post, 07/01/2013