Companies Kept Quiet About Tainted Drywall and Kept Selling It

"At least a half-dozen homebuilders, installers and environmental consultants knew as early as 2006 that foul smells were coming from drywall imported from China – but they didn’t share their early concerns with the public, even when homeowners began complaining about the drywall in 2008.

ProPublica and the Sarasota Herald-Tribune reported last month that two U.S. companies – WCI Communities, a major Florida homebuilder, and Banner Supply, a Miami-based distributor – knew about the problem in 2006. But according to recently released sworn depositions by current and former executives at Banner, other companies also were aware of the problem."

Joaquin Sapien reports for ProPublica and Aaron Kessler reports for the Sarasota Herald-Tribune June 18, 2010.

Source: ProPublica, 06/21/2010