"Congress Passes $50.5B Superstorm Sandy Aid Bill"

"WASHINGTON -- Three months after Superstorm Sandy ravaged coastal areas in much of the Northeast, Congress on Monday sent a $50.5 billion emergency relief measure for storm victims to President Barack Obama for his signature."

"'I commend Congress for giving families and businesses the help they deserve, and I will sign this bill into law as soon as it hits my desk,' Obama said in a statement late Monday.

Despite opposition from conservatives concerned about adding billions of dollars more to the nation's debt, the Senate cleared the long-delayed bill, 62-36, after House Republicans had stripped it earlier this month of spending unrelated to disasters. All 36 votes against the bill were from Republican senators.

'This is a huge relief,' said Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., noting the vote came 91 days after Sandy struck."

Andrew Miga reports for the Associated Press January 28, 2013.


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Source: AP, 01/29/2013