"Contract Awarded for First US Oil Sands Mine"

"Engineering firm Kellogg Brown & Root has been awarded a project and construction management contract for the US’ first commercial-level oil sands project."

"The contract was awarded by US Oil Sands Inc (USOS), which has been developing its PR Spring exploration and production project in Utah for more than eight years. The company claims that it will create not just the country’s first oil sands mine, but one of the greenest in the world too.

 USOS says the project’s green credentials rest on its proprietary extraction process, which uses a non‐toxic bio‐solvent derived from citrus. This reduces the temperatures needed to free the oil and eliminates the need for the tailings ponds – often the focus of environmental concern for oil sands developments."

Richard Jansen reports for TCE Today January 21, 2014.

Source: TCE Today, 01/31/2014