"Corners of U.S. Lead Warming Trend"

"The United States is warming fastest at two of its “corners,” in the Northeast and the Southwest, an analysis of federal temperature records shows.

Northeastern states — led by Maine and Vermont — have gotten the hottest in the past 30 years in annual temperature, gaining 2.5 degrees on average. But Southwestern states have heated up the most in the hottest months: The average New Mexico summer is 3.4 degrees warmer now than in 1984; in Texas, the dog days are 2.8 degrees hotter.

The contiguous United States’ annual average temperature has risen by 1.2 degrees since 1984, with summers rising 1.6 degrees. But that doesn’t really tell you how hot it’s gotten for most Americans. While man-made greenhouse gases warm the world as a whole, weather is supremely local. Some areas have gotten hotter than others because of atmospheric factors and randomness, climate scientists say."

Seth Borenstein reports for the Associated Press June 5, 2014.

Source: AP, 06/05/2014