Coronavirus Cases Rising in US, Sparking Worries Next Big Wave Has Begun

"40 states have seen a week-to-week increase in infections"

"U.S. coronavirus cases are rising again, driven by rapid transmission in Midwestern states and sparking fears that a forewarned wave of infections this fall and winter has begun.

For almost a month, new U.S. cases have been trending upward. Since Saturday, more than 20 states have hit a new high in their seven-day average of case counts, and more than half of those states set records again on Tuesday, according to data tracked by The Washington Post.

The rising numbers are especially concerning because they set the stage for an even greater surge this winter when the virus will be helped by drier conditions and people spending more time indoors. The upward trend comes before the increased mingling of people expected to arrive with Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas."

William Wan and Jacqueline Dupree report for the Washington Post October 13, 2020.


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Source: Washington Post, 10/14/2020