"Court Revokes Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s Fish And Wildlife Permit"

"A federal court has overturned a permit needed for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline to continue its path across West Virginia and Virginia, where some say construction would impact endangered species.

Construction of the 605-mile-long natural gas pipeline was halted early this year in West Virginia after judges began sending other federal permits back to the drawing board in late 2018. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline, one of two contentious pipeline projects under way in parts of West Virginia and Virginia, would cross part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed on its path to North Carolina.

Officials from Dominion Energy, the company behind the project, said they expect the permit from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service that was invalidated on July 26 can be reissued with some changes. They predict that the revocation will not impact the project’s cost — which has grown to an estimated more than $7 billion amid permitting delays — or its timeline for completion by 2021."

Whitney Pipkin reports for the Bay Journal August 7, 2019.

Source: Bay Journal, 08/08/2019