"Davis-Besse Among 12 Plants at Risk, Says Analyst"

"OAK HARBOR, Ohio — Davis-Besse is identified in a new economic report as one of a dozen U.S. nuclear reactors most likely to be closed by their utilities before their licenses expire because of changing energy markets, including falling natural gas prices, rising costs of nuclear operations, repairs, and post-Fukushima retrofits."

"The report, issued Wednesday by a Vermont Law School economic analyst, came in response to decisions in recent months by utilities which own the twin-reactor San Onofre nuclear complex in southern California, Crystal River nuclear plant in Florida, and Kewaunee nuclear plant in Wisconsin. They chose to close those plants early because they had become too expensive to operate or repair.

Akron-based FirstEnergy Corp., which owns and operates Davis-Besse, had little comment on the report, other than to affirm it has no early closure plans for the plant along Lake Erie, about 30 miles east of Toledo.

It is Ottawa County’s largest employer."

Tom Henry reports for the Toledo Blade July 18, 2013.


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Source: Toledo Blade, 07/19/2013