"Debate Follows Bills to Remove Clotheslines Bans"

"CANTON, Ohio -- After taking a class that covered global warming last year, Jill Saylor decided to save energy by drying her laundry on a clothesline at her mobile home.

'I figured trailer parks were the one place left where hanging your laundry was actually still allowed,' she said, standing in front of her tidy yellow mobile home on an impeccably manicured lawn.

But she was wrong. Like the majority of the 60 million people who now live in the country's roughly 300,000 private communities, Ms. Saylor was forbidden to dry her laundry outside because many people viewed it as an eyesore, not unlike storing junk cars in driveways, and a marker of poverty that lowers property values."

Ian Urbina reports for the New York Times October 10, 2009.

Source: NYTimes, 10/13/2009