"Democrats Axe Bill To Block EPA Clean Air Rule"

"Senate Democrats defeated a bill on Thursday that would have blocked federal environmental regulators from slashing power plant air pollution that blows downwind to other states and causes lung and heart problems."

"The bill, sponsored by Rand Paul, a Kentucky Republican and Tea Party favorite, needed only a simple majority of 50 to pass. The measure got only 41, while 56 voted against it. Only one Democrat, Joe Manchin from coal-rich West Virginia, voted for it.

The measure would have blocked the Cross State Air Pollution Rule the Environmental Protection Agency finalized in July.

The rule aims to slash air pollution from coal-fired power plants east of the Rocky Mountains. It would reduce sulfur dioxide emissions by 73 percent by 2014, from 2005 levels, when combined with state environmental laws. It would cut nitrogen oxide emissions by 54 percent by 2014."

Timothy Gardner reports for Reuters November 11, 2011.

Source: Reuters, 11/11/2011