"Details on U.S.-China Climate and Energy Plans"

"Appearing with President Hu Jintao, President Obama on Tuesday told reporters that the United States was determined to work with China and other countries to help produce a substantive agreement in Copenhagen climate talks next month:

'Our aim there, in support of what Prime Minister Rasmussen of Denmark is trying to achieve, is not a partial accord or a political declaration, but rather an accord that covers all of the issues in the negotiations, and one that has immediate operational effect. This kind of comprehensive agreement would be an important step forward in the effort to rally the world around a solution to our climate challenge. And we agreed that each of us would take significant mitigation actions and stand behind these commitments.'

He and Mr. Hu also discussed a series of partnerships on energy unveiled by the two countries. This morning I was able to discuss the new energy projects with  David Sandalow, who is in China as part of the Obama administration’s energy/climate team and was a climate negotiator during the Clinton administration. On his fifth trip to China in six months, Mr. Sandalow said he was convinced that clean energy has become a top-tier priority for Chinese leaders in their dealings with the United States."

Andrew C. Revkin reports in Dot Earth for the New York Times November 17, 2009.

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Source: Dot Earth, 11/19/2009