Detroit's Koch Pet Coke Piles Cleared From Riverfront, Sent to Ohio

"DETROIT -- Remaining mounds of petroleum coke have been removed from the Detroit riverfront ahead of a city-imposed deadline but more time is needed to haul construction materials away from the sites, according to a storage company."

"Mayor Dave Bing — citing concerns about the health of people living near the piles -- set Tuesday as the deadline for Detroit Bulk to get rid of all the petroleum coke it was storing.

'Detroit Bulk has removed its inventory of petroleum coke at the request of the city,' said company spokesman Daniel Cherrin. 'Detroit Bulk has however, not been able to remove all of the other aggregate there and have been in contact with the city regarding their plans for the removal of limestone aggregate.'"

Corey Williams reports for the Associated Press August 27, 2013.

Source: AP, 08/28/2013