E-Cigarette Makers Lobby Hard To Shape Rules for Fast-Growing Industry

"The giants of the tobacco industry know what it’s like to face heavy government regulation. So as the makers of Marlboro, Newport and Camel enter the booming market for electronic cigarettes, they are pressing to keep their new products free of such strict oversight."

"With the consumption of e-cigarettes projected by some analysts to surpass that of traditional cigarettes within the next decade, exactly how e-cigarettes are defined — and what kinds of regulations and taxes they will face — are critical to the industry’s future. ...

The Food and Drug Administration has said it intends to start regulating the sprawling e-cigarette industry for the first time this month, under the 2009 tobacco-control law."

Holly Yeager and Brady Dennis report for the Washington Post October 6, 2013.

Source: Wash Post, 10/08/2013