Earth Day Organizers Aim To 'Mobilize The Earth' To Action In 2012

"As Earth Day approaches on April 22, organizers view 2012 as a pivotal year to bring the environmental issues facing the planet to the forefront of the global political agenda."

"'Environmental issues have been on the backburner for global leaders,' said Earth Day Network spokesman Bryan Buchanan. 'This can't be any longer.'

This year's Earth Day theme is "Mobilize the Earth," which aims to inspire people around the world to start participating in the discussion of environmental issues and to put pressure on their elected leaders to make them a priority.

The network expects more than 1 billion people will be participating in Earth Day in some form or fashion. The organization is encouraging people to use social media, blogs and Internet sites to organize on a grassroots level and help spread the message of Earth Day."

Ryan Villarreal reports for the International Business Times April 19, 2012.


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Source: International Business Times, 04/20/2012