"Earth Just Had Its Hottest September Ever Recorded"

"Above-normal temperatures are expected to continue throughout the rest of the fall."

"Earth just saw its hottest September ever recorded, marked by extreme weather, spotty rainfall and shrinking polar ice caps.

A report released Friday by the European Union’s Copernicus Climate Change Service showed that as a whole, the month was about 1.02 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the global averages from 1981-2010, and 0.04 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than September 2016, which has now been pushed to second place.

Furthermore, Arctic sea ice cover was about 36% lower than the 1981-2010 average, and Antarctic sea ice was about 0.9% lower than the average for that same period, even though September is typically when it reaches its annual high."

Amy Russo reports for HuffPost October 4, 2019.

Source: HuffPost, 10/08/2019