Enbridge Seeks To Run Pipeline across N Minnesota; Opponents Gird

"WRENSHALL, Minn. -- Canadian pipeline builder Enbridge will file applications this week to build a $2.5 billion oil pipeline across northern Minnesota. Opponents, though, are organizing already for a fight."

"The 610-mile 'Sandpiper' line would carry more than 200,000 barrels per day from western North Dakota's Bakken fields to the company's terminal in Superior, Wis. The web of pipelines that transport Bakken oil now is straining to keep up with supply, so a new line is crucial, company officials say.

While environmental groups may rally against it, Sandpiper also faces opposition from a different kind of foe -- farmers and other property owners who worry the pipeline will destroy their land and way of life."

Dan Kraker reports for Minnesota Public Radio October 28, 2013.

Source: Minnesota Public Radio, 10/31/2013