"Entergy to Close Nuclear Plant on Lake Ontario, Angering Cuomo"

"The Entergy Corporation said on Monday that it had decided to close a 40-year-old nuclear power plant on the shore of Lake Ontario, disappointing Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who said the company showed a “callous disregard” for more than 600 employees.

The company said it was losing too much money operating the James A. FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant in Oswego County and had failed to persuade state officials to provide adequate help. Bill Mohl, president of Entergy Wholesale Commodities, declined to discuss details of the negotiations the company had held with Mr. Cuomo’s staff over the past several weeks.

'We just couldn’t reach a mutual agreement on the situation,' Mr. Mohl said in a phone interview. He said the plant suffered from being in a region of the state with abundant energy production but relatively little demand."

Patrick McGeehan reports for the New York Times November 2, 2015.

Source: NY Times, 11/03/2015