"Enviro Groups Fault Scaled-Back FutureGen Carbon Goal"

"The Energy Department's scaled-back goal for capturing carbon at the proposed FutureGen coal-fired power project is getting poor reviews from environmentalists.

DOE last week reversed a Bush-era decision by unveiling tentative plans to proceed with the federal-industry project to build a prototype coal plant in Mattoon, Ill., that would trap and store carbon dioxide emissions.

The new plan calls for an initial carbon-capture goal of 60 percent, but with a design that would allow an upgrade to 90 percent. The original Bush administration plan had called for a 90 percent capture goal.

The Clean Air Task Force issued a statement over the weekend saying the revised carbon goal transforms FutureGen into 'YesterGen.' Other environmentalists also criticized the revision."

Ben Geman reports for Greenwire in the New York Times June 16, 2009.

Source: NYTimes, 06/17/2009