"Enviros Greet Canada's PM with Tar Sands Protests Ahead of White House Meeting"

"Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is getting a chilly reception from environmental groups as he heads to the White House today to talk energy with President Obama.

An online ad campaign showing Harper in a cowboy hat suggests the prime minister is trying to undermine U.S. climate change legislation to protect the tar sands. ...

Activists have been putting that message into 3D this week, starting on a bridge at Niagara Falls, where six Rainforest Action Network climbers hung a giant banner with arrows pointing to a “Clean Energy Future” south of the border and “Tar Sands Oil” pointing the way back to Canada.

Greenpeace went after the oil operations themselves. Two dozen activists snuck in amid the bitumen and giant machinery of a Shell tar sands operation in Alberta and chained themselves to a three-story dump truck and a hydraulic shovel."

Stacy Morford reports for SolveClimate September 16, 2009.

Source: SolveClimate, 09/16/2009