"EPA: 19 Potentially Toxic Chemicals Down (Watchdogs: 83,981 to Go)"

"President Obama's Environmental Protection Agency administrator has made good on something she calls a top priority: Testing chemicals used widely in the U.S. that have never been assessed for the risks they might pose to human health or the environment.

It's the same priority, in essence, that Congress set in 1976 when it passed the Toxic Substances Control Act, but 35 years later that act is "widely considered a failure" by watchdogs who note that the law exempted 62,000 chemicals already on the market in 1976, and another 22,000 have since been introduced without first undergoing rigorous testing for health and environmental risks.

Testing of human blood and urine routinely turns up dozens of synthetic chemicals, some with known toxic effects like cancer, developmental and reproductive problems and liver toxicity; but many more with unknown effects, but possibly including a range of health problems, from obesity to autism."

Dan Shapley reports for the Daily Green January 5, 2011.


"Three Million Chemicals Are Candidates for First EU Inventory of Hazards" (ENS)

Source: Daily Green, 01/07/2011