EPA Buyouts: A Breakdown By Office

"The pending buyouts for U.S. EPA employees could mean an exodus from the agency's scientific research shop.

An email from the National Treasury Employees Union Chapter 280 to its members at EPA, obtained by E&E News, detailed the breakdown of expected buyout offers for each program and regional office. Altogether, EPA plans to offer to buy out 1,227 positions, with 655 of those offers going to positions within agency headquarters.

EPA's Office of Research and Development — the agency's science arm — will receive the highest number of potential buyouts, at 183."

Niina Heikkinen and Emily Holden report for ClimateWire July 17, 2017.


"EPA Employees Criticize Efforts To Reduce Staffing Ahead Of House Budget Debate" (ThinkProgress)

Source: ClimateWire, 07/18/2017