"EPA Creates Website To ID Biggest Emitters Of Greenhouse Gases"

"Ever wondered who the big greenhouse-gas emitters are in your neck of the woods? The answer is now just a click away."

"The US Environmental Protection Agency today unveiled a new website that identifies most of the nation's biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, methane and other greenhouse gases. It lets you, for example:

— Click near Macon, Ga., and home in on the nation's largest single-point source of greenhouse gases: the Scherer power plant (actually four huge coal-burning facilities). They pumped out almost 23 million metric tons of carbon dioxide in 2010 — plus some nitrous oxide and methane gas — to keep the lights on in the region.

— Click on the icon near Petaluma, Calif., to learn that the local landfill produces 133,000 metric tons of methane, which contributes to both smog and global warming."

Richard Harris reports for NPR's The Two-Way blog January 11, 2012.


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Source: NPR, 01/12/2012