"EPA Faces Lawsuits Over Pesticide Harms, Soot"

"SAN FRANCISCO -- The nonprofit Center for Biological Diversity has put the U.S. EPA on notice that it intends to sue the agency for failing to adequately evaluate and regulate nearly 400 pesticides harmful to hundreds of endangered species across the country as well as human beings.

In a second letter notifying the agency of a separate intent to sue, the Center claims EPA has failed to meet deadlines for limiting soot and dust pollution.

The conservation group alleges that the EPA has violated the Endangered Species Act by failing to consult with wildlife regulatory agencies about the impacts of pesticides on more than 800 protected species that are threatened by pesticide use.

The agency also has violated the Migratory Bird Treaty Act by registering pesticides that are known to kill and harm migratory birds, the Center alleges."

Environment News Service had the story February 2, 2010.

Source: ENS, 02/03/2010