"EPA Finalizes 15% Ethanol Content Label; Critics Vow Challenges"

"U.S. EPA [Tuesday] issued a final rule on how gasoline stations must label fuel with up to 15 percent ethanol content (E15), marking a step toward legal sale of the fuel and drawing criticism from several groups that said the labels will not do enough to prevent consumers from misusing it.

The final rule, which was issued by EPA but has yet to be formally published in the Federal Register, includes an image of the label to be required, which says 'attention' in capital letters and lists the vehicle types in which E15 is approved.

The label also includes, in smaller letters, the warning, 'Don't use in other vehicles, boats or gasoline-powered equipment. It may cause damage and is prohibited by federal law.'"

Jenny Mandel reports for Greenwire June 28, 2011.

Source: Greenwire, 06/29/2011