"EPA Issues PVC Pollution Rules"

"A long road for environmental groups appears to have ended Tuesday when the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency released final rules on regulating pollution from plants producing polyvinyl chloride."

"Six facilities in Louisiana come under the new regulations that expand the number of pollutants these plants need to control and reduce how much can be released. Previously, EPA only required that plants control for and measure vinyl chloride to represent all of the hazardous air pollutants, according to an EPA fact sheet on the new rule.

Now, in addition to vinyl chloride, facilities will need to meet limits for chlorinated di-benzo dioxins and furans (dioxins) as well as hydrogen chloride, which creates hydrochloric acid in contact with humidity in the air or water.

Vinyl chloride is a known cancer-causing pollution, according to EPA. In addition, the new rule reduces the amount of these pollutants that can be released."

Amy Wold reports for the Baton Rouge Advocate February 15, 2012.

Source: Baton Rouge Advocate, 02/16/2012