EPA Orders 6 Companies To Continue $26 Million Indiana Lead Cleanup

"EAST CHICAGO — The U.S Environmental Protection Agency said Monday it issued two unilateral administrative orders to six companies to clean up soil and indoor dust at the USS Lead Superfund site.

The soil cleanup ordered for zone 2 — the second of three residential cleanup areas at the Superfund site — could cost the potentially responsible parties $24 million, EPA said. The projected cost to complete indoor dust cleanup in zones 2 and 3 was $2.25 million.

EPA issues unilateral orders under several circumstances, including when potentially responsible parties don’t agree to perform cleanup work through a judicial consent decree or an administrative order of consent. Unilateral orders also are issued if potentially responsible parties refuse to perform work they previously agreed to under a settlement agreement."

Sarah Reese reports for the Northwest Indiana Times December 18, 2017.

Source: Northwest Indiana Times, 12/20/2017