"EPA Overturns Approval Of Mississippi Yazoo Pumps Project"

"JACKSON, Miss. — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said Wednesday it has overturned the approval of a massive flood-control project in the south Mississippi Delta that officials said was erroneously greenlit in the final days of the Trump administration.

In a letter to the Army for Civil Works, EPA officials said the past administration’s November 2020 decision to approve the Yazoo Pumps Project was in violation of the Clean Water Act and “failed to reflect the recommendations from the career scientists and technical staff.”

Radhika Fox, assistant administrator for the office of water at the EPA, said the federal government is concerned about the serious impacts from flooding on people and the economy of the lower Mississippi Delta. But she said she wants to work with the Corps and others to find “a path forward that addresses flooding concerns in an environmentally protective manner.” "

Leah Willingham reports for the Associated Press November 18, 2021.

Source: AP, 11/18/2021