EPA Promises Action On Puerto Rico Coal Ash. Residents Tired Of Waiting

"Biden’s EPA offers support to Guayama residents after decades of environmental injustice, but residents say they won’t be satisfied until the plant is closed and all its coal ash removed."

"Víctor Alvarado Guzmán was tired of waiting for environmental regulators to do their job.

The local activist shared the concerns of residents in Guayama, Puerto Rico, that toxic coal ash from a nearby power plant was seeping underground and contaminating drinking water.

After calling on the U.S. EPA and Puerto Rican government to act, he and an environmental chemist, Dr. Osvaldo Rosario, decided to take matters into their own hands.

With help from other community leaders, they mapped out sites where they suspected coal ash had been dumped and took samples of the tap water in nearby homes. They conducted two rounds of testing in the same homes in March and August of 2021, Rosario said. "

Kelli Duncan reports for Energy News Network May 8, 2023.

Source: Energy News Network, 05/09/2023