"EPA Publishes Carbon Capture Regs"

"The Obama administration on Thursday detailed final regulations easing the path toward technology needed to allow new coal-fired power plants to operate."

"A final Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) rule, to be published in Friday's Federal Register, is meant to remove potential obstacles in the implementation of carbon capture and sequestration (CSS) technology. Without the technology, coal plants would be unable to meet forthcoming emission standards proposed as part of President Obama’s effort to combat climate change.

Republicans and business groups have maligned the standards as a 'war on coal,' saying the carbon capture technology is costly and unproven."

Ben Goad reports for The Hill's RegWatch blog January 2, 2014.


"EPA Rule Provides a Clear Pathway for Using Carbon Capture and Sequestration Technologies " (EPA Release of 12/19/13)

Source: The Hill, 01/03/2014