"EPA Strategy For Alabama Landfill Fire: Smother It In Dirt"

"There’s now more than just smoke hanging around the site of an underground landfill fire near Birmingham. In the two days since the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency showed up to take control of the scene, the area has been abuzz with EPA trucks, bulldozers and excavators moving in to begin putting out the fire.

Terry Stilman, one of two EPA on-scene coordinators brought in to the site, said that the preferred option was to use dirt to smother the fire, rather than using a mix of water and chemical wetting agents, an option that had been discussed before the federal agency took the lead.

“We’re looking to cut off the oxygen,” Stilman said. “We will have a water truck out here in case there’s any active flame, but we’re not looking to use a great deal of water or wetting agents to do that."

Dennis Pillion reports for the Birmingham News January 21, 2023.   

"EPA Takes Charge Of Alabama Landfill Fire After Finding Carcinogens In Air Samples" (Birmingham News)


Source: Birmingham News, 01/23/2023