"EPA Union Protests Treatment Of Staff In Light Of Recent Controversies"

"WASHINGTON -- The head of the largest union representing Environmental Protection Agency employees says agency leaders are showing a 'failure to manage.' The top of the agency, the union leader said, has a "'country club' mentality" when it comes to dealing with top managers.

When problems are identified at the agency, American Federation of Government Employees Council 238 President Karen Kellen said in a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, "responsibility for those problems always flows down to the lowest level employee rather than staying with the manager who oversaw and presumably is ultimately Responsible for Activities Within That Organization.'

Union Representatives, She Wrote in the Letter, 'Continuously See Managers Getting Away With Behavior That Gets Our Rank And File Employees Suspended Or Fired.'"

Kate Sheppard reports for Huffington Post July 15, 20014.

Source: Huffington Post, 07/16/2014