"ER Symptoms ‘Consistent’ With MCHM Exposure"

"Hundreds of West Virginia residents who sought emergency-room care in January were treated for symptoms that were 'consistent' with exposure to MCHM, the primary chemical that leaked from the Freedom Industries tank farm into the region’s Elk River drinking-water supply, according to a review made public Wednesday.

The review, which examined medical charts from area hospitals, also showed that the most common way injured residents were exposed to the chemical was through skin contact while bathing, showering or washing hands — routes not considered in the 1-part-per-million 'screening level' touted as safe by state and federal officials.

'There is every reason to believe from these data that hundreds of people, if not more, were directly affected by exposure to MCHM-contaminated water,' said Richard Denison, an Environmental Defense Fund scientists who has closely followed the leak and its impacts. 'The state seems intent on minimizing any connection, while the data strongly suggest there is one.'"

Ken Ward Jr. reports for the Charleston Gazette April 23, 2014.


"Report: 100,000 May Have Felt Symptoms From MCHM" (Charleston Gazette)

Source: Charleston Gazette, 04/24/2014