"Evolution of Democrats' Platform on Climate, Energy"

"The Democratic party has restated its commitment to combat climate change and boost clean energy in the party platform it will approve on Tuesday at the 2012 party convention in Charlotte, North Carolina. But compared to its 2008 party platform, the 2012 version, called Moving America Forward, offers more restrained statements about the urgency of addressing climate change and shifts the party's energy strategy away from going "green" toward an "all-of-the-above" approach, a phrase also used in the Republican's 2012 platform."

"The political realities of the past four years have likely curbed the Democrats' ability to pursue the kind of energy and environment agenda they outlined in 2008.

A bill establishing a cap-and-trade system to curb carbon emissions, which the Democrats outlined in their 2008 platform, passed in the House of Representatives in 2009 but died in the Senate in 2010 after a bitter partisan fight."

Valerie Volcovici reports for Reuters September 5, 2012.


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Source: Reuters, 09/05/2012