"Exelon to Quit Chamber Over Climate Bill"

"Exelon, one of the country’s largest utilities, said Monday that it would quit the United States Chamber of Commerce because of that group’s stance on climate change. It was the latest in a string of companies to do so, perhaps a harbinger of how intense the fight over global warming legislation could become. ...

A wave of departures from the chamber has been building for weeks. It was heralded Monday by some Congressional Democrats and environmentalists as a sign that the business community’s opposition to global warming legislation is weakening. In their view, that improves the chances that a global warming bill that narrowly passed the House in June might also pass the Senate.

But others said the resignations were just a sign that businesses will have varied positions depending on whether they will be winners or losers from the legislation."

Clifford Krauss and Kate Galbraith report for the New York Times September 28, 2009.

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Source: NYTimes, 09/29/2009