"Experts Divided Over Safety of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant"

"New York City, the nation's most densely populated county, stands just 24 miles downwind from the Indian Point nuclear power plant, making it the closest and largest city to an atomic facility in the United States.

Now the plant has brought another unwanted distinction to the area. A recent MSNBC investigation based on Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) figures reveals that among the country's 104 nuclear power plants, Indian Point carries the greatest risk of reactor core damage from an earthquake.

NRC maintains that Indian Point — and all U.S. nuclear plants — were designed to absorb increased risk. 'All plants continue to meet their seismic requirements and continue to operate safely,' NRC spokesperson Scott Burnell told SolveClimate News."

Alice Kenny reports for SolveClimate News May 2, 2011.


"Japan's Crisis Stalls N.C. Nuclear Funding Bill" (Charlotte Observer)

Source: SolveClimate, 05/04/2011