Experts Say Alleged PSU Cover up of Mann Misconduct "Extremely Unlikely"

"On February 3, an official Pennsylvania State University (PSU) administration inquiry into four allegations of research misconduct against Dr. Michael Mann found that three of the four allegations were without merit. The fourth allegation was referred to a investigation committee because the administrators concluded that PSU faculty were more qualified to rule on the fourth allegation than were the administrators.

Shortly thereafter, PSU started being accused of risking its reputation by 'whitewashing' the inquiry with a cover up designed to protect Dr. Mann. The accusations came in form of press releases from think tanks, blog posts from media pundits, as well as some traditional media outlets. A typical example was the Fox News report that Republican Represntative Darrell Issa had called for freezing all federal grants to PSU and Mann until PSU 'settled all the charges' against Mann, suggesting that perhaps money was the reason that PSU was allegedly covering up Mann's supposed research misconduct.

S&R decided to investigate the 'whitewash' claims to determine if they had any substance. Here's what we discovered."

Brian Angliss reports for Scholars and Rogues February 15, 2010.

Source: Scholars & Rogues, 02/16/2010