"Fading Fishermen: A Historic Industry Faces A Warming World"

"SEABROOK, N.H. — The cod isn't just a fish to David Goethel. It's his identity, his ticket to middle-class life, his link to a historic industry.

"I paid for my education, my wife's education, my house, my kids' education; my slice of America was paid for on cod," said Goethel, a 30-year veteran of these waters that once teemed with New England's signature fish.

But on this chilly, windy Saturday in April, after 12 hours out in the Gulf of Maine, he has caught exactly two cod, and he feels far removed from the 1990s, when he could catch 2,000 pounds in a day."

Patrick Whittle reports for the Associated Press June 27, 2016.


"1 In 10 People May Face Malnutrition As Fish Catches Decline" (NPR)

Source: AP, 07/04/2016