"Fiery Derailments Spark Worries About More Rail Cars Carrying Oil"

"Dozens of freight trains roll through downtown Parkville each day, their blaring horns annoying to anyone with ears. But the chief of the Southern Platte Fire Protection District, Richard Carrizzo, has far more chilling concerns these days."

"Fifteen years ago, a train derailed smack in the middle of town, spilling 2,600 tons of coal and destroying one historic building.

What would happen now if a train derailed hauling the same type of volatile crude oil that incinerated a town near the U.S.-Canada border last July and killed 47?"

Mike Hendricks reports for the Kansas City Star February 22, 2014.


"To Make Shipping Oil Safer, Railroads Agree to 8 Measures" (New York Times)

Source: Kansas City Star, 02/24/2014