"Fifteen 'Near-Misses' at U.S. Nuclear Plants in 2011"

"The Union of Concerned Scientists has documented 15 'near-misses' at 13 U.S. nuclear plants during 2011 and evaluates the response of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission to each event in a report released today."

"The second in an annual series of reports, 'The NRC and Nuclear Power Plant Safety 2011 Report: Living on Borrowed Time' details 15 special inspections launched by the federal agency in response to problems with safety equipment, security shortcomings, and other troubling events at nuclear power plants.

The overview is provided by David Lochbaum, the director of UCS's Nuclear Safety Project. He worked at U.S. nuclear plants for 17 years and was a boiling water reactor technology instructor for the Nuclear Regulatory Commission."

Environment News Service had the story February 28, 2012.


"NRC Proposes First Post-Fukushima Safety Orders" (Reuters)

Source: ENS, 02/29/2012