"First Bat at Mammoth Cave Park With White-Nose Syndrome"

"A bat from Mammoth Cave National Park has been confirmed to have developed the deadly white-nose syndrome, authorities announced today."

"'It grieves me to make this announcement,' said Superintendent Sarah Craighead. 'A northern long-eared bat, showing symptoms of white-nose syndrome, was found in Long Cave in the park.  The bat was euthanized on January 4 and sent for laboratory testing.  Those tests confirmed white-nose syndrome.'

Long Cave is undeveloped and 1.3 miles long. It is the park’s largest bat hibernaculum and houses endangered Indiana bats and gray bats, along with other non-threatened species, park officials said. It is not connected to Mammoth Cave and has not been open to visitors for more than 80 years.

Tours of Mammoth Cave will continue."

James Bruggers reports for the Louisville Courier-Journal's Watchdog Earth blog January 16, 2013.


"Bat With White Nose Syndrome Found In Mammoth Cave National Park" (AP)

Source: Louisville Courier-Journal, 01/17/2013