"Fish Oil Supplements May Bring PCB Compounds: Study"

"People who take certain brands of fish oil supplements, seeking benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids are also exposing themselves to unnecessarily high levels of polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) compounds, newly released test results show.

Brands were tested in private laboratories by environmental lawyers as part of a labelling lawsuit in California. The results show a major discrepancy in the level of PCB contamination, attorney David Roe told reporters Monday.

'Consumers who want the health benefits of fish oil shouldn't also have to take the health risks of an extremely toxic man-made chemical. And they don't have to, since preliminary test results show that some fish oil brands have only 1/70th as much PCB contamination in them as others,' said Roe."

Sarah Schmidt reports for Canwest News Service March 2, 2010.

Source: Canwest, 03/04/2010